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3 Pacific Northwest Hemp Brands to Watch 2019-2022

Discover three awesome high-quality hemp brands from the Pacific Northwest you should definitely consider supporting and keeping your eye on over the next 3-5 years.

Hey, you’d be hard-pressed to rub shoulders with a more passionate cannabis fan in Washington State than myself (so unimaginably untrue, we infest this region!). Whether we’re talking psychoactive cannabis or hemp, some of the biggest names in these emerging industries over the next 3-5 years and beyond are going to come from my corner of America.

Are states like Colorado, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and many others deserving of endless props? Absolutely! But make no mistake, the Pacific Northwest (PNW) is a cannabis powerhouse. In this article we’ll briefly look at three brands who call this area home and some of their products.

Note: I’m not an affiliate, not yet anyway. None of the links in this article are affiliate sales links. I’m just here to share to reemerging wonderment and healing of non-psychoactive cannabis (hemp) products. That said...

Wildflower CBD - Washington State

Website: https://BuyWildflower.com/

Okay might as well be perfectly honest here, I tried getting a job with this company over the summer and early winter of 2018 because Wildflower is doing really well. I’d still happily work for them in a heartbeat if given the opportunity. My initial connection was meeting an executive at a semi-formal house party outside Bellingham, WA, where their main distribution center and team are located (the company’s headquartered out of Vancouver B.C.) who knew my roommate at the time. Later on I reached out through emails, set up an interview and ended up going to three. They actually offered me a starting position in one of their new Bellingham locations, but it didn’t pan out for whatever reason.

Anyway, I visited one of their manufacturing centers, met with a production manager, company founder, the head of marketing, etc., and have used a number of their products. Also because they’re local, I see them in all the dispensaries and little shops, and everyone loves their stuff. They were super excited because at that time they were preparing to open up a location in New York in the same tower housing Facebook and media companies like Huffpost, Yahoo, AOL, and Tumblr. Pretty neat for a Cannabis/Hemp CBD company to sport the same NYC address as titans of digital.

Here’s a few other company tid-bits:

  • Wildflower CBD isn’t a mega-cannabis corporation. While they’ve been in it since the very beginning with the passage of full-legalization in 2012, their operation has stayed local for the most part here in and just outside of Bellingham, WA. The massive growth in their brand has happened only recently as they’re so well-placed, well-branded, and now their revenue is awesome.

  • Since 2012, their phytocannabinoid concentrates have come from, as they still say in their FAQs section in early January 2019 ‘mature hemp stalk and seed extract’ but this should change by around the 2020-2022 growing season here in WA. I have absolutely no doubt Wildflower will be among the first brands to help out WA hemp farmers in the coming years and use these local farms as their source of phytocannabinoid concentrates. The owner said they have plans to have their own hemp fields as well.

  • They rely on clean fluid extraction methods, otherwise known as Supercritical CO2 Extraction which is likely the most common way Your Hemp CBD Was Made. - free of additives, impurities, and residual solvents with winterization that gets rid of waxes and unneeded lipids. WA State has a strong psychoactive cannabis processing and extraction industry, so it makes perfect sense. No one doubts this will translate strongly into the upcoming hemp industry.

  • Wildflower Brands Inc. reported sales results for first quarter of 2019 at $1,002,279 against $103,893 a year ago. Whoa!

  • Their presence has gone from Washington State, across the nation, and down the West Coast into California where they recently launched a medical cannabis delivery service in Los Angeles.

Definitely one of my favorite brands in the hemp world. Does the fact they’re so local to Bellingham have anything to do with it? Sure. If you’re looking for a couple interesting applications here’s a couple I’ve used myself.

Hemp CBD-Infused Lavender Soap

As I write this all that’s left of my first Wildflower Lavender Hemp-CBD soap bar is a tiny little surfboard-shaped sliver. Here’s what to know:

  • Minimal ingredients: Coconut Oil, Lye, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Lavender Essential Oil.

  • 20mg of CBD per bar, so not a whole lot. Not enough to REALLY address a serious skin issue as you only use such a small amount of the soap in one shower. But, it definitely can’t hurt!

  • In time I’d venture to bet they release higher potency bars, but you can buy the current 20mg squares in a 3-pack online. In local stores I get them as singles.

Humbly stated, again, with only 20mg in the bars don’t think this has any serious therapeutic value. Now, let’s say you decided to dissolve an entire bar in one nice warm bath...hmm, that’s another story. More than likely, CBD soap like Wildflower’s current bars will help your skin look healthier, better moisturized, and bring out some glow that really only happens (like this) when you address the skin’s connection to the Endocannabinoid System (ECS).

For a much more concentrated CBD dosage in a topical, this next product is awesome!

Hemp CBD-Enriched Healing Stick

Weighing in at a whopping 500mg of CBD from pure full spectrum non-psychoactive hemp cannabis, their Healing Stick is great for addressing stubborn blemishes, joint issues, skin irritations/redness, etc. The ingredient list is very nice as well:

  • Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil [Seed], Shea Butter, Beeswax, Ecosoya, Vitamin E, Arnica, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, Wintergreen and other essential oils.

  • Smells great, isn’t messy at all, and the other skin-friendly ingredients have great synergy with the cannabis extract.

  • Reviews across the board are high, and I personally have no concerns about the quality of the cannabis extract they use. So excited for when the time comes they announce the use of local Washington State hemp!

Another one of my favorite brands in this space is Endoca. They’re based out of Denmark and source their hemp-cannabis plants/processed extracts from Holland, but like Wildflower, their main U.S. warehouse and distribution facility is located here in Washington.

Endoca - Washington State

Website: https://www.Endoca.com/

A primary reason I have a lot of deep respect for this company is because I’ve seen their founder help educate people in ways few other brands have for many years now. Where most just curate the quality educational content of others, the Endoca team has for years gone above and beyond and been in front of the entire industry in this respect.

But to really know this company, you must get to know the founder - Henry Vincenty - a personal hero of mine. He’s written an amazing story about the Endoca History that I hope they don’t get rid of or change. By all means, check it out if you have time and are a responsible hemp-cannabis consumer!

Here’s one snippet that really touched me:

“I grew up in Denmark where it [cannabis] was widely accepted by society; where since 1970, we’ve had a city called Christiania where cannabis has been sold openly in small shops. So ingrained was my cannabis acceptance, that it was even in my family roots: my great grandparents grew hemp and were even famous for providing and pressing hemp seeds for neighbouring farmers before the UN made it illegal globally.”

His personal journey that led him to founding Endoca is incredible, spanning across the world and many years of personal/professional research/hard work. It actually began with a free clinic:

“I decided to open a clinic in Denmark that was free of charge...to start a debate about natural medicine and encourage the media to talk about alternative solutions that could save human lives...The website and clinic were the only places that discussed the subject in Denmark... people started to ask for products; and I started giving CBD hemp extracts and seeds away, so people could make their own medicine.”

Endoca didn’t receive any massive investor funding or big bank rolls. All the initial extraction facility equipment and money needed for funding was provided by customers after Endoca began charging to expand. And, as of last time the Endoca story was updated, they’ve grown to over 100 employees and grow over 2000 acres of hemp on organic land in Holland. A fabulous company!

  • Endoca has a wide variety of products: strong 1500mg CBD hemp oil drops/capsules, medium potency at 300mg, as well as suppositories, skin care salve/body butter and even 99% pure 500mg CBD isolate crystals.

  • Their flagship product is the CBD oil extract, or drops, due to quality and the community they’ve attracted over the last few years around it.

  • Endoca expressly lists their minimal ingredients and additional terpenes, but you can examine their batch-by-batch Quality Reports at your leisure. Here’s a breakdown from their latest Certificate of Analysis via CO2 Extraction:

Incidentally this brings us to the last thing I’d like to mention about Endoca which has earned my respect - the way they’ve built and maintained a customer product review system into their website where as of this writing they’ve collected close to 2,500.

If you’re like me, you immediately find yourself wondering about the minority 4% who had a ‘Bad’ experience. Thankfully Endoca is transparent so you can click on any review category and read everything. That bottom 4% goes on for 5 pages - back to 2016 - and going through a few here’s what I can tell you:

  • The company addresses 99.9% of them in a friendly and professional manner; nothing scripted, but personal human contact to directly address their situation.

  • Many of these complaints have to do with long wait times, orders not going through but people mistakenly thinking they did, digital payment issues due to cross-country purchases, customer errors like entering two different countries (huh?), etc. For some, it’s because of customs which Endoca can do absolutely nothing about.

  • Not everyone experiences the results they’re looking for, but it seems the customer care team goes above and beyond in most respects I came across.

After going through 22 pages in the Excellent category I tossed in the towel. It’s pretty much just a ton of people who feel the quality of the product and the customer service is on point. Thus. why I believe Endoca will likely be a major hemp brand for years to come.

Now let’s talk about one of my most favorite things on earth - chocolate.

Vital Leaf CBD - Oregon

Website: https://VitalLeafCBD.com/

When it comes to combining two of my absolute favorite things on earth - hemp extract and handcrafted artisanal chocolate - Vital Leaf CBD come out ahead of the game. In my heart, I picture 50 years from now, which would be 2069...I’m a nearly 90 year-old man who can’t help but give in to my decadent chocolate-teeth (dentures) from time to time. By then Vital Leaf CBD Chocolates, if the company survives, will be an American legacy!

  • It’s quality chocolate, taste-wise and in terms of presentation.

  • Core bars provide 100mg, 10mg per serving with the 3-bar minis at 90mg each.

  • My favorite’s Classic Dark with the minimal ingredients and hints of vanilla and salt.

  • From my chair here, it’s hard to think of a more effective aphrodisiac (yeah, really).

Natural, fair-trade ingredients, vegan-friendly of course (it’s the PNW lol) and GMO-Free! And, for kicks, if you’re curious you can check out their CoA’s as well. When’s the last time you checked a lab-verified CoA for a chocolate bar?

Wrapping Up

Sheesh, just imagining a few glasses of Spanish red wine with hemp CBD chocolate after a CBD-infused bath makes me wonder what the heck I’m doing STILL sitting here in front of the the screen typing. Thanks for joining me, and here’s to your next purchase of PNW-sponsored or distributed cannabis! Thanks for your time.

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