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Hemp Farming Legal In America! Now What?

Yep, the Hemp Farming Act and Farm Bill of 2018 are a reality. Hempsters everywhere are totally freaking out, but will this development really be allowed to flourish?

Now that industrial hemp farming is once again legalized in America thanks to the signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, after close to a century of talking a seriously enticing game concerning this incredible plant, people wonder how much of the hemp-hype's going to manifest...

...and how much will be gobbled by centralized corporate power or squandered.

Questions arise like...

  • Is industrial hemp going to be the trillion $$$ bonanza-crop activists have been preaching about since the 1938 Popular Mechanics article (less than 6 months before the beginning of modern industrial hemp prohibition)?

  • Will hemp revolutionize the clothing and automobile industries?

  • Will hemp clean up and reclaim American farm lands?

  • Will we finally see an end to large scale deforestation as hemp reduces both the need for animal protein and the land to raise crops to feed said cattle?

  • Will hemp CBD and hemp-based herbal supplementation rejuvenate the nation’s endocannabinoid system and largely combat opioid problems?

  • Will we see increased energy independence and decentralization of manufacturing?

  • Will so much industrial hemp, with it’s estimated 20,000+ consumer applications, create new breeds of eco-entrepreneurs?

Folks, these types of questions are really about us trying to shift responsibility onto anyone but ourselves.

Can guns solve terrorism?

Hemp's just a plant! The most amazing plant...yes...but a plant nonetheless.

The answer is it’s up to you, me...us...we. As magnificent and worthy of such notoriety as industrial hemp is, it’s not a voter. A smart plant? It can’t solve our petrol-era problems, but we can if we choose as a people to synergize.

Your Challenge

If you should choose to accept it...

Is this - take some time to investigate three things in this tremendous, nay, prolific, moment for 21st Century World Developments. First, delve lightly into the basic history of hemp and how it intertwines with human history, and this is completely separate from the subject/history of psychoactive cannabis. Second, check out its potential applications. You know, brush up on some of the hemp-hype from the last four or five’ish decades. This is very easy to do; quick search away. Then, thirdly, skim through current ‘happening now’ applications as well. What small and large brands have been doing with hemp biomass, hemp bioplastics, hemp food, hemp concentrates, etc., between 2004-2019 is staggering.

Just Get Involved!

As an experiment the other day I put an add online looking for people interested in starting a hemp farm. Responses were fairly interesting:

  • A few people took the time to quickly call me a complete idiot, moron, retard, etc.

  • Couple just wanted to let me know they're happy about the Farm Bill development I mentioned and wished me luck.

  • One single person got into an email conversation with me that lasted a little while.

So, yeah, not the best response, but about what I expected.

Despite the fact I’ve been surviving off the income of a humble (albeit gloriously talented lol) digital freelance writer for near a decade, it really feels like I lack the wordsmithing wherewithal to adequately describe what’s happening. Let’s be frank, psychoactive cannabis has for the most part gone mainstream in America since 2012 (when it was first recreationally legalized in my state of WA). And sure, everyone knows what it is, and it’s done tremendous good for our country in a subset of ways, but my fellow Americans, wow, see...I do, I lack the talent with words to really capture what’s swelling and swirling in my gut, and how you should probably be feeling right now too.

Let me put it like this, when President Trump signed that Farm Bill it was the first step of the next agricultural revolution! It’s up to us to follow through.

My advice to, well anyone reading this, is to consider getting involved in the American hemp industry that’s 'exploding'? No, 'completely transforming modern culture'? No, that’s not it either... we’re talking a once in a few generations paradigm shift! Like the last time it was widely farmed, really, was in my great-grandfather's day on my dad’s side in the mid 1800's…

My grandfather was nineteen years old in 1919, so he also knew it well, but things were already changing and fast thanks to WW1.

I turned 39 in December, 2018, and when my grandfather was that exact age industrial hemp had JUST been made illegal. He may not have even known about it then (Uncle Sam was at that time, umm, FAR smaller). But then WW2 popped off, and when the U.S. government mandated hemp farming and enacted the infamous ‘Hemp For Victory’ campaign, he was in the Pacific as a Merchant Marine where hemp (like in the Navy) was critical; invaluable. I wish I would’ve been able to chat with him about hemp, but he died just shy of his 100th birthday, a couple months before the dawn of the 21st century, in late 1999. I was 19 then, wearing a hemp necklace around my neck, with hemp braids in my hair, smoking cannabis, and unaware.

Anyway, get involved. Speaking of 19, in this moment I’M SO JEALOUS of the 18, 19, and 20-something’s wise enough to recognize what’s going on and jump at it. Right now I bet, around the country, are the next agricultural hemp titans who see what’s happening and have the resources and ambition to provide a solution or a brand story that fits the age.

War on the Horizon

So, you know when this article’s being put together - late 2018, early 2019. You know I’m an American and my family’s been in this country for generations. Most folks I chat with believe we're on the cusp of an officially-declared WW3 scenario, or maybe even some sort of 2nd Civil War. Who knows...but the tension is palpable; felt it at the store the other day...sheesh!

We all desire peace. The American voter for example, has technically been voting for peace my entire lifetime and got anything but. Whatever, everyone’s expecting history to repeat itself any minute now (sorry grandfather, great-grandfather, great-great grandfather...etc.), and sadly the history of industrial hemp and human warfare have an interesting relationship as well…

Ultimately my point here, is that there’s no incoming emergency people are currently being frightened about where hemp isn’t a core answer to the problem. In fact, I believe there's an incredible connection between Hemp and the U.N. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. If you’re nervous and looking for an industry to invest your future in, consider American hemp.

  • War: the military has 1001 uses for industrial hemp, this has never not been the case unto the beginnings of recorded military history. Cotton’s great, but here comes hemp yet again! Trade wars? Naval wars? Economic wars? Hemp can be grown in America like nowhere else and help see us through. Now that we have the machines and technology to process it into anything we need, no other crop (like cotton) is going to be able to compete within a short matter of time. I believe this in my heart.

  • Environmental Changes: Our planet’s environment has always and will always continue to be in a constant state of change. What I find fascinating is how the Cannabis Prohibition Era coincides with both the large-scale harnessing of petroleum and the cooling of earth - ‘global dimming’ - and the cycles of solar minimum/maximum. Industrial hemp is the poster child of green technology! I believe one day a good portion of our spaceships will not only be made with industrial hemp or hemp-incorporated components, but partly be fueled by hemp biomass or hemp-involved fuels - consider how Hemp Biofuel can Reshape America and the World over coming decades. When we get to wherever we’re going out there in the universe though, industrial hemp should be among the primary crops we should be figuring out how to grow in those greenhouses.

  • Economic Upheaval: For the purposes of this article I just checked and GOLD was going for a little over $40 a gram. Okay, guess what, I also did a search for the price of hemp-based ‘CBD/Cannabidiol’ - currently being primarily extracted from industrial hemp for consumption in the U.S. - and listen folks, it was roughly $2,835 an ounce (approx. $236 per gram) in the summer of last year, 2017.

Let it sink in, after a pint of local pale ale it’s still difficult for me to process the implications of what I’m even typing... 

And I’m one of those people who follow heavy geo/international politics on a daily basis...

Some REALLY interesting research one of you gold bugs out there should conduct is a comparative historical analysis of gold and industrial hemp over the millennia. Has it been done? Regardless... within a decade some of the biggest names in precious metals investing will be ‘diversifying into hemp’ you mark my words. If they aren’t already - the Green/Yellow Gold rush of hemp. The demand for just hemp concentrates high in CBD, just that one single application out of thousands, is set to blow past the psychoactive cannabis market by 2022 and I think estimates are conservative.

Get Involved in U.S. Hemp!

How? Hmm, let’s see…

  • Become a hemp farmer, or support/sponsor one financially.

  • Get involved with hemp farming organizations, the National Hemp Association, and local efforts. It'll be a rewarding experience.

  • Browse internet forums and platforms where people in different aspects of the industry are trying to make connections. Expect this kind of grass-roots traffic to increase by orders of magnitude. 

  • Hemp farming is going to need a lot of human elbow grease in the beginning - look for a job in the industry in your area. NOTE - we thought the government was going to make it so no one with a DRUG-RELATED FELONY on their record would be able to work in the industry, but as far as I know this has changed to allow people to work in the industrial hemp industry a decade after conviction - and if they were already involved when the Farm Bill passed. Doesn’t matter. Look for work in the industry, and this might not be on the farm. It could be for a startup online. It could be for a small retail store setting up shop to sell hemp goods. It could be in a factory manufacturing hemp products. You get the idea. 

  • Again, if you have inactive capital decaying in the bank or wherever and you’re looking to invest, find a home in American industrial hemp! It’s a 360-degree win for you, everyone involved and the environment.

  • If you’re an entrepreneur, start a business in the industry in any capacity. There are going to be TONS of issues and wrinkles that’ll need ironing out - solutions.

  • Become a Hemp Industry Affiliate for a company selling quality hemp products. Everyone’s getting involved, but soon it’ll be big mainstream names, movie/music stars, and so on.

The possibilities as I sit here typing right now, are truly endless.

It’ll Take Some Time

None of these incredible evolutions are going to materialize overnight. There’s going to be bumps, bruises and setbacks. We’ve got a HUGE undertaking ahead of us just in terms of setting up a national infrastructure to supply factories, families, and exporters with what they need. It’s going to be a bit, but what’s happening is, well, sad to say, other than the moment I realized my newborn daughter was a healthy little baby, the most positive news I’ve been a part of in my life.

Cheers, and here’s to everyone involved in this effort going back generations.

Well done, we did it.

Now let’s try not to $#%^ it up. 

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