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Hemp Cigarettes: Yes, They Can Help You Quit Nicotine

Hemp cigarettes - quickly learn the basics if you’re fighting the good fight against nicotine addiction, wondering whether these herbal products can help you quit for good.

Introduction: Benefits & Challenges

Yes, hemp cigarettes can be a powerful nicotine cessation aid for a variety of reasons which we’ll get to, along with corresponding challenges you’ll face as a consumer until the overall market for the products gets bigger. Thankfully this is happening at an incredible rate.

Quick Definition : a hemp cigarette is low-to-no THC cannabis slim-rolled in some kind of paper and presented in a very similar manner to traditional tobacco cigarettes - so they come in a box of 20, with similar size and style. Boxes of 10 are also common, but with thicker rolls. How they’re rolled and presented is how they differ from hemp cones or hand-rolled joints and this difference is important.

They shouldn’t contain any nicotine. What they should have are higher levels of cannabidiol (CBD), ideally listed on the pack on a per cigarette basis - 10mg and 20mg doses are common which is somewhat comparable to the estimated nicotine levels of tobacco cigarettes at 8-20mg.

The U.S. Hemp Cigarette Market 2020

What we call hemp cigarettes today in America are unique, because hemp has traditionally for millennia been known as a fiber and seed-focused cannabis crop, NOT for smoking. In the early-to-mid 20th century, those strains of cannabis bred for cannabinoid-rich flower were legally differentiated through the name ‘marihuana’ in the U.S. (or more colloquially as marijuana) to designate higher THC levels in the plant’s biomass.

Cultivars of cannabis bred for CBD with little to no THC on a wide scale is something new. Demand for cannabis-derived CBD from these strains was a primary cause for the 2018 Farm Bill which ended industrial hemp farming prohibition after close to a century.

Supply of hemp, in both traditional and more modern senses, is going to expand dramatically over the next decade.

Turns out it’s not a giant feat to tell this amazing species to create more of one thing and less of another. However, translating new high-CBD bud into an identical tobacco cigarette smoking experience is extremely difficult.

  • Traditional Hemp = low-cannabinoid strains bred for fiber and seed.

  • Traditional Marijuana = higher potency THC cannabis; bred for flower or bud.

  • Post-2018 Farm Bill Hemp = any cannabis with below legal levels of THC at 0.3%, which includes fiber, seed, and low-to-no THC flower strains.

For tobacco, the nicotine is in the leaves which can be easily dried, chopped, and turned into a smoke. For hemp the cannabinoids are in the stickier, more moist buds that need to be carefully trimmed and properly treated.

A pure-leaf hemp smoke will be harsh and only deliver a tiny dosage of CBD vs. a blend of hemp leaf, flower, and perhaps some other herbal ingredients for taste and smell while keeping it nicotine free.

3 Core Challenges & Benefits of Hemp Cigarettes

If you take the time to go through around 100 consumer reviews, other than all the positive messages concerning CBD, you’ll see generally people complain about these three things.

Challenge #1) Inconsistent Experience

tobacco companies absolutely know how to deliver an identical smoking experience with every single cigarette. Hemp cigarettes haven’t reached this industry level yet, so they can be somewhat inconsistent from brand to brand. This is changing quickly though as companies know exactly what they’re shooting for, the domestic hemp supply increases, and innovation progresses.

Challenge #2) Inconsistent CBD

Consumers need to take steps to ensure they’re getting their hemp flower products from regulated producers who can prove their CBD content through transparency and lab testing/CoAs. This is an ongoing issue in the hemp CBD industry at large.

Challenge #3) Smell & Smokiness

Some producers take steps to strip terpenes out of the cannabis to reduce the marijuana [re: cannabis] smell and others don’t. Some are thicker and put off far more smoke than others as well, smoking more like a hand-rolled rather than machine-rolled cigarette.

Despite the challenges hemp cigarette makers face, demand continues rising as America’s hemp industry takes off like a SpaceX starship. Let’s look at three core benefits then wrap up with easy Q & A.

Benefit #1: The Look & Feel of Real Cigarettes

When the hemp cigarettes perfectly resemble tobacco cigarettes, they can satisfy the oral and other physically habitual triggers around smoking nicotine - like the way it’s held and dragged on hand-to-mouth, the way it looks and feels, the way you flick ashes, and so on.

Benefit #2: They Temper Nicotine Cravings

CBD naturally inhibits or modulates many of the negative experiences associated with quitting nicotine. CBD doesn’t make them go away, but softens or dampens them on the neurosynaptic level - anxiety, restlessness, depression, hyperactivity, trouble sleeping and insomnia, etc. Effectiveness is relative to a) your levels of mental-habitual and physical-chemical addiction and b) the strength of the CBD. The more severe your cravings and withdrawals, the more effective CBD can be.

Benefit #3: Safe and Non-Addictive

Unless put in the products by manufacturers, hemp cigarettes should contain zero addictive chemicals. CBD is not addictive, nor is it a habit-forming substance. There’s also likely not going to be any of the other hundreds of chemicals tobacco companies became infamous for, making hemp cigarettes far safer. However, they’re not perfectly safe, because smoking anything and inhaling smoke of any kind isn’t technically risk free.

Q: Will they cause me to fail urinalysis?

A: They can cause you to fail yes, and should be avoided if tiny non-intoxicating levels of THC might cause you problems. Also, there is a possibility you will purchase them from less developed suppliers or shady sellers and their products will contain more THC than advertised.

Q: How do you tell when it comes to quality?

A: Hard to say without clear industry standards, but low quality will lack flower content, instead focusing on leaf and stem (essentially monetizing leftovers from their flower). High quality is about replicating conventional smokes while delivering quality CBD doses per cigarette.

Q: How does CBD help me quit nicotine exactly?

A: This involves extremely complex human biology involved with your endocannabinoid (ECS) and central nervous systems. We encourage you to brush yourself up on the topic. In essence, CBD is used by the ECS to maintain more balance or a homeostatic state within your mind and body when nicotine cravings and symptoms of nicotine withdrawal appear.

Q: Can you buy more than one or two packs?

A: Yes, current companies in the market offer cartons similar to conventional tobacco cigarettes.

If you have any history with hemp cigarettes, or they helped you battle nicotine in some way, please share your experience with others! It really makes a difference. Otherwise, Darby Hemp absolutely advises people battling nicotine give these products some of their attention. Look further into them, or at least keep your eye out as the industry swiftly progresses. Also, for those who enjoy herbal no-nicotine cigarettes, hemp varieties have the added benefit of CBD and are worth a try.


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