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Perfect Marriage: Dog Lovers and Hemp

The most profound promise of hemp revolves around the plant’s value to human society, as well as our environment and the animals with whom we share it.

Dog owners are keying into this promise at an admirable speed. Incredible shifts in dog-lover awareness rapidly ripple across America thanks to their embracing of hemp products.

Interest in CBD for dogs is downright booming.

We’ll get into the CBD angle, but here’s a few other ways our furry friends are benefiting:

  • Hemp seed oil - rather than flower extract for cannabinoids - is an effective and affordable way to boost the nutritional value of cheaper dog foods (canine fast food)!

  • Hemp seed oil-based skincare products are amazingly beneficial for dogs and their coats, similar to how the oil benefits their person’s skin and hair.

  • Hemp hearts are another way to sprinkle dense extra protein, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids onto your dog’s food while supporting an easily-renewable resource.

Now, all that being said the topic of CBD for dogs is huge.

By the numbers, many dog owners are becoming more aware of the endocannabinoid system which both humans and dogs have, but they’re unsure of which brands deserve their trust. They don’t know what’s in these seemingly trendy products available online amidst

Green Rush hysteria.

So-called ‘official’ regulations are unclear and ripe with interagency conflict at best…

Consumer reviews, however, are extremely positive.

They must be, because according to a CBD market report from the Summer of 2018,

“Pet-and-animal product sales are estimated to reach $125 million by 2022....among the fastest-growing sectors in the CBD market...sales have focused on treat supplements and food additives, CBD with anti-anxiety and anti-inflammation properties remain the top-selling segment.”

Honestly, $125 million seems like a rather conservative estimate, but time will tell.

If you’re a dog lover or know one who’s interested in how CBD can help dogs, here’s a wonderfully authentic company we consider worthy of checking out. Let’s hope the company continues growing and sticks around a good long while.

Suzie’s CBD Treats


Reasons to Consider Suzie’s

  • Their USDA-certified organic and cooperative hemp farm in Fort Collins, Colorado, is open to the public. By all accounts they seem like a very transparent operation.

  • They control the entire ‘From Field to Fido’ supply chain; from the genetics of the plants they use, to farming, hand harvesting, on-site extraction and manufacturing.

  • They’ve cultivated some great high-CBD hemp (Colorado’s ahead of the national hemp farming curve). Lab reports provided; all CoA’s in place.

And no cheap fillers, preservatives, gluten, corn, soy, artificial flavors or GMO.

Responsible and organic dog products! Their current triad consists of dog treats, tincture drops of various potencies targeting different size dogs, and a wonderful salve.

Our favorite has got to be the 50mg CBD salve, arguably a must-have for any doggy medkit - this goes out to all you hikers who wouldn’t think of taking on the trail without your pup(s). If you’re more generous, give their leg joints a good rub with some CBD salve after vigorous exercise.

Their pricing isn’t bad at all

  • 50mg CBD Salve - $24.95 per tin

  • 4mg CBD Dog Biscuits - $19.95 per bag of 20

  • Small Dog CBD Oil Tincture - 125mg - $29.95

  • Small to Medium Tincture - 250mg - $49.95

  • Large Breed Tincture - 500mg - $69.95

  • Large to Extra Large Tincture - 1000mg - $109.95

Prices for these types of products across the board are evolving. Domestic markets are rapidly responding to the prolific rise of the hemp farming movement. As you can see though, they’re already affordable.

More good news - with everyone’s help hemp’s going to positively impact many other supply chains leading to our dogs adding great socio-ecological benefits for all:

Imagine dog crates and kennels made of biodegradable hemp-based bioplastics.

Same could be said for their toys and dog product packaging.

How about domestically-grown hemp fiber dog apparel and bedding.

According to the American Pet Products Association, if you’re a dog owner you know you’re GOING to shell out money on your dog. This year, see how much you could turn to hemp if you wanted - you’ll feel so glad you did.




This is a great screenshot we took of an awesome shot from Suzie’s IG profile. That’s Andy and Aya meeting a horse in Suzie’s Biscuit Mobile. In that picture Andy’s traveling around our neck of the woods - the Pacific Northwest. We’d love to see their treats in pet stores across our area, although we don’t want any hemp company becoming a General Mills replica either, so as time passes and more state hemp farming programs expand, don’t forget to support local hemp.


If you use hemp products with your dogs, speak out in a comment below to help it gain more power as an American force for good.

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