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One Quick Way to Boost Your Nutrition Levels Through Coffee

Old trick meet new audience - attention discerning hipsters, environmentalists, philosophers and hard workers looking for an effective way to boost nutrition levels while getting your morning (mid-day, or afternoon) coffee!

Introduction: Add Hemp to Your Coffee Ritual

If you’ve never strayed from drinking coffee black or adding common creams, sugars, and milks, time to optimize! It’s so simple, just add hemp to your coffee. In lieu of the DIY approach which we’ll investigate momentarily, you could delve into professionally roasted hemp-enhanced coffees deliciously rising in popularity with exponential haste <---mouthful!

The 2018 Farm Bill made it possible for American consumers to get hemp products from American farmers again after close to a century, and thus there’s going to be lots of artisanal hemp coffee in short order at competitive prices.

Expect to see options in your local grocers, co-ops, and farmer’s markets really soon if not already.

The idea here is hemp’s a quick and effective way to add:

  • Amino acids through an organic and nutritious plant source.

  • A highly-bioavailable plant protein that decorates coffee with a subtle nutty flavor.

  • For CBD varieties, doses of non-intoxicating cannabinoids in every cup.

To be better informed and conduct research like a savage, here’s the five core ways hemp typically takes coffee to the next level:

  1. Roasted Hemp Seed Blended into Coffee Grounds

  2. Hemp Seed Protein Blended into Coffee Grounds

  3. Hemp CBD-Infused Coffee Grounds

  4. Adding Hemp Seed Milk to Your Coffee

  5. DYI - Add Hemp Seed Oil or Full Spectrum Extracts

Of course it’s fine to combine - so for example a little hemp seed milk and a couple drops of full spectrum CBD in a local dark roast, or adding some coffee and hemp seed protein powder to your morning shake…

Anyhow, let’s flesh out extra details using brand examples.

1) Roasted Hemp Seed Blended into Grounds

With this approach you take roasted hemp seed, which is going to include the seed’s crunchy hull as well as the inner hemp heart, and add it to roasted coffee grounds. Some grind them up together, while others serve the ground coffee with a complement of whole or crushed seed. Two example brands are Hippie Butter and Magpie Hemp Coffee.

Hippie Butter’s been around a good while now and a great option for authentic smaller-brand curated hemp products including coffee, chocolates, hemp seed butters, and bath products. Magpie Hemp Coffee focuses on Canadian hemp-infused coffee along with a small line of complimentary hemp seed products.

2) Hemp Seed Protein Blended into Coffee Grounds

With this approach you mix coffee grounds together with hemp seed protein powder rather than roasted or crushed hemp seed. Our two brand examples are Elev8Hemp Coffee and Artizan’s Organic blend.

Elev8 has six rich flavors to dabble in, from medium roasted with a hint of lemon and smoky earth tones, to Dark Roast, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, Hazelnut Creme, and more. Each 12oz bag is infused with 1.2oz of hemp protein powder. Artizan has a wide array of blends, organic hemp being their most premium option.

3) Hemp CBD-Infused Coffee Grounds

Here’s where we diverge from leveraging hemp seed nutrition and turn instead to hemp plant nutrition which comes in primarily the form of extracts with non-intoxicant cannabinoids: CBG, CBN, CBC, etc.,and most in demand is CBD or cannabidiol.

These brands are simply taking CBD-rich hemp flower extracts (NOT hemp seed oil) and blending them into their grounds evenly so each cup delivers a specific amount of herbal nutrition focused on your endocannabinoid system.

Currently Willie’s Remedy coffees are infused with organic Colorado hemp CBD at a ratio of approximately 1mg of CBD per 1g of coffee beans (his loose leaf infused tea doubles that) - available in 8oz bags with 250mg as whole or freshly ground. Full spectrum coffee from Sapa delivers 300mg with MCT oil in each 12oz bag of Italian Roast Espresso blend.

4) Adding Hemp Seed Milk to Your Coffee

Hemp milk comes from hemp seed and is considered among the absolute best non-dairy alternatives with more calcium than milk, more protein than beef, and cold-pressed so there’s no chemical extractions involved. The two biggest brands in America for hemp milk are still Pacific and Living Harvest, but this is changing rapidly between as the market expands.

Depending on whether you get an original unflavored hemp milk (thinner), vanilla or chocolate flavored (thicker), you’ll find it’s a unique complement to coffee. It’s not for everyone, but the nutrition boost from small doses of the milk is solid.

5) DIY - Add Hemp Seed Oil or Full Spectrum Extracts

Here’s where you take your hemp seed oil or full spectrum hemp CBD extract and simply add it directly to a serving of your favorite coffee. Regardless of which method you choose, as you can see hemp and coffee really work well together. Coffee provides the experience and that elegant caffeine, while hemp can provide plenty of nutrition or even CBD.


Before you go…

And grab yourself some new ultra-flavorful hemp coffee, we’d just like to thank everyone who’s Cast in their lot with the Darby Hemp crowd and to make you aware of the option (it’s a $1) for whenever you’re ready. Don’t worry, if you love hemp and this is your first time here, we’ll see you again soon in another article. Cheers!

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