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5 American Hemp Farms: Boutique Non-Intoxicating Cannabis Products

Allow Darby Hemp to introduce you to five American farms growing superior plants for high-quality homegrown flower tonics, tinctures, teas and lemonades, unique infusions, and more.


Welcome to the 21st century hemp revolution! Truly a force for American good.

Everyone’s wondering where to get the highest-value hemp plant products and what the future of American family-farm hemp looks like.

Ultimately it depends on our farmers who're largely turning to us - everyday folks choosing whether or not to give them our support. Alas, feast your eyes, in what follows you’ll be introduced to five hemp farms from five states for your consideration who offer farm-made hemp plant products - Oregon, Kentucky, Tennessee, Vermont, and Colorado.

First, to be prudent here's...

3 Quick-Tips to Supporting American Hemp

1: Spread the Love: Support Multiple Farmers & Producers

After establishing a cozy relationship with a certain farmer and producer you trust, by all means lavish them with your loyalty (reminds us of craft brewery culture) and support! But don’t pigeonhole on a single brand lest you wish to miss out on the passionate hard work of others. Sure, some radical connoisseurs ONLY drink one specific craft beer or wine, but most understand a wide array exists all over if you know where to look. Cannabis is very similar.

2: Shop Locally, Nationally: Startups & Family Farms

Darby Hemp believes that when it comes to this commodity, it's time to support family farms and companies outside the big-corporate system dominating U.S. agriculture. We're getting a new start with hemp in America, let's not hand it all over to the banks and Wall Street. These days you can legally shop direct from hemp farms with their own websites all over the country. Let's choose wisely.

3: Get Nerdy: Get Acquainted with Product Quality Data

There's two core types of hemp farming: big-acre fiber or grain crops, and then small to medium-sized flower growing which is where extracts come from. For fiber, you judge quality by comfort or textile strength. For hemp seed-based food it's what's on the nutrition label. For flower, it's all about the testing data all regulated farmers maintain for local, state, and federal laws. Get acquainted with the data to better understand the value of flower products.

With that said, let's dive in.

Our first awesomely-named farm to check out is Tweedle.

Oregon - Tweedle Farms: Hemp Flower Producer

What's hemp flower good for?

New strains of hemp flowers are cultivated to contain extremely low and legal limits of THC, with low to moderate levels of non-intoxicating CBD, or cannabidiol. As you likely know, CBD's all the rage nowadays thanks to increasing aware of the human endocannabinoid system.

Thus people buy it to smoke and ingest CBD that way, to add to teas, for homemade extracts which can be used in a large variety of ways, cooking and so forth.

For many older Americans it’s somewhat shocking to order cannabis flower farm-direct online and have it delivered. Honestly, for about eight decades unless you grew some yourself it was all ‘mystery weed.’ Buying from so and so meant you got what you got, every bag was different, with flower that could’ve originated anywhere from a nearby neighborhood to South America or Canada.

But now, well, over coming years Americans will be able to experiment with regulated hemp flower from farms across the states! Regions will likely get carved out - sectors environmentally better-suited for fiber hemp, seed/grain (for oil, protein, hearts, etc.), and flower-specific strains.

When it comes to Oregon hemp flower, Tweedle Farms definitely deserves a solid checking out.

  • Location: Northwest Oregon

  • Quality: Will vary because of the nature of outdoor cannabis farming. Not every single batch is going to be exactly the same. Get to know your farmers along with the strains they’re working on! Understand the differences between top shelf (more expensive rates, seedless, potent terpenes or aromas, etc.) and bottom-shelf flower (cheaper, seeds may be present, not as smelly, fresh, or well-cured). Seeds indicate pollination, which means less cannabinoid potency than purely feminine flower.

  • Specs: Tweedle Farms offers a small variety of strains, in sizes of 1g up to an ounce of flower. Prices have and will continue to fluctuate over time like any other commodity or crop. Exceedingly transparent about their terpenes, scents and genetic profile. They’re even keeping a backlog of retired or archived strains, which we love!

  • Cleanliness: Along with plentiful and updated lab data, synthetic fertilizers, sprays or pesticides aren’t used in their growing system. While the quality of the flower can vary from bottom to top shelf, they obviously spare no expense.

  • Community: At some point they began accumulating reviews on a) their webstore which hosts hundreds split up among products, and b) TrustPilot where over 90% of their 7,000+ reviews are excellent. Combine those with other blogger reviews and visual testimonials from quality affiliates within the industry...overall a fabulous record. Along with flower quality, their customer service gets a ton of accolades.

Technically it’s as close as most of us non-farmers can get to growing and using our own Pacific Northwest cannabis - homemade extracts! For example, let’s say you know what you’re doing and use an ounce of top shelf Tweedle Farms flower to make a small vial of your own full spectrum concentrate using alcohol or oil...how far will you stretch, store, and use it?

These challenges are what’s largely led to the rise of professionally formulated and manufactured hemp CBD tinctures.

Speaking of which, let’s shift gears from raw flower and head east to Kentucky for honey hemp.

Kentucky - Bluegrass Hemp Oil: Tinctures & Honey

Just after President Obama signed the 2014 Farm Bill, Kentucky Cannabis Company became one of the initial six projects who began cultivating hemp through the state in accordance with pilot project guidelines. Two years later they took things to the next level and became the privately-owned, fully-integrated supplier of hemp cannabis used to supply raw extracts in Bluegrass Hemp Oil, or BHO products.

If you dig into Kentucky Cannabis Company’s origin story you’ll encounter parents (Mr. & Mrs. Adriane Polyniak) who got involved with the industry because for their son Colten, who at the age of 3 back in 2009 experienced his first tonic-clonic epileptic seizure while,

“...on the stairs with his brother, Gunner (6) and our Great Dane pup, Angus.

Their story in this respect is like so many others - authentic Americans forced to turn from conventional treatments and medicine, who because of the times found their way to cannabis - an iconic and widely-accepted ancient remedy. For them it needed to be non-intoxicating and very low THC hemp strains, which eventually led them to going into business as hempsters.

  • Location: The farm’s in Kentucky. BHO products are sold online as well as via retail locations throughout Kentucky and multiple other states.

  • Quality: Based on the fact the farm’s been growing within highly-regulated state research program guidelines for years, it’s safe to assume the entire operation is clean and high-quality. Kentucky Cannabis Company is upfront about their farming through tons of visuals and data covering each stage of their plants’ life cycles.

  • Specs: Bluegrass Hemp Oil offers great products like infused honey, bath bombs, a salve, capsules, and a line of tinctures at different price points according to potency.

  • Cleanliness: The webstore gives customers a peak into every part of the process - history, initial greenhouse cultivation, flowering and trichomes, flower-only extraction process through a hydrocarbon distillation system, and manufacturing.

  • Community: While there’s a general lack of reviews and testimonials online, because of how honest, genuine, and local the company is they’ve earned quite the following which has helped them grow over the last few years.

All that wonderment being said, let’s head south to Tennessee to visit a busy farm with a host of delicious products for healing and wellness.

Tennessee - Half Hill Farms: A Heavenly Salve

Meet one of the initial retailers of modern hemp products and the first certified organic hemp farm in Tennessee: Half Hill Farms - another authentic licensed grower, processor, and permitted manufacturer of hemp plant products. They got their start creating medicinal mushroom extracts, but are expanding to include other wellness products.

Their salve was released early February 2019 and looks absolutely divine despite hemp not being their only specialty or focus.

Half Hill Farm ferments, bottles and kegs seasonally flavored kombucha, kefir and shrubs, makes apple cider vinegar tonics, mushroom extracts, full spectrum extract CBD hemp oil, propolis extract, bitters and other wellness products.

So...friggin...cool...geeze! Imagine how awesome and fulfilling it must be to work on and be involved with Half Hill Farms who began growing hemp organically back in 2014. We have every intention of ordering a jar of their hemp salve.

Here’s the current ingredient list in late March, 2019.

Organic sweet almond oil, beeswax, full spectrum extract CBD hemp oil, organic calendula-infused extra virgin olive oil, organic jojoba oil, vitamin E (extracted from sunflower seeds), organic frankincense and sweet orange essential oils.

Calendula-infused extra virgin olive oil...nice, and the CBD is from organically grown domestic hemp processed through CO2 extraction then formulated and blended in their FDA-registered facility.

Over coming years hemp acreage in Tennessee will hopefully continue along its upward trajectory thanks to the hard work of good people like those of Half Hill Farms.

  • Location: Woodbury, Tennessee, 12 miles east of Murfreesboro.

  • Quality: Because of the farm’s smaller size, versatile farming experience, organic certification, publicly-submitted CoAs to the state and strict licensing protocol for their hemp operation, it’s safe to assume their extracts are quality. Plus after the grand opening of their kitchen, called The Wellness Emporium located in nearby Bell Buckle, their quality is known through their other natural products as well.

  • Specs: In terms of hemp this includes the 1000mg salve, 99% crystalline CBD, capsules, as well as full spectrum tinctures.

  • Cleanliness: They’ve been supplying vegetables, kefir, shrubs, cider, and kombucha that’s clean and popular on the local level, on the ground, and there’s no reason we could find to perceive their hemp products as anything other than small family-farm cannabis made cleanly with Tennessee love.

  • Community: As of March 20th, 2019, their operation is growing through construction of a professional CO2 extraction and testing lab to support their growing community. They’re a powerhouse in the TN organic hemp movement!

To get a broader picture of where your support goes when you purchase some of their hemp salve or capsules, or even cider or kombucha, here’s a quote from their blog about the testing facility,

“Hemp farmers and manufacturers will be able to send crop or product samples to the lab for required testing to ensure quality and state compliance...The state’s chapter of the Hemp Industries Associations, the lobbying arm for farmers and industry stakeholders, is now the largest in the country.”

Exciting stuff. To keep the ball rolling let’s travel northeast to Vermont where a small but impactful hemp industry is taking root and sprouting.

Vermont Hemp Company: Farmer Empowerment

Founded by Joel Bedard, Vermont Hemp Company’s primary mission is farmer empowerment and research, helping create a distributed economic model that strengthens our national market.

They also sell hemp plant products (recently they were offering CBD-infused maple syrup...yum!), as well as supplying the extracts used by Vermont’s Kimball Brook Farm - an organic dairy who branched out into non-dairy teas and lemonades. In 2018 in partnership with Vermont Hemp Company they began offering their popular organic teas and lemonade flavors infused with 50mg of CBD.

As of this writing in late March 2019, their CBD flavors include:

  • CBD Green Tea

  • CBD Black Tea

  • CBD Maple Lemonade

  • CBD Strawberry Ginger Lemonade

  • CBD Blueberry Lemonade

  • CBD Ginger Lemonade

Presently Vermont’s hemp program is relatively small, but growth is dominating the horizon because of hard work behind the scenes.

According to a recent news release regarding their 2018 investment round, their major achievements included: farm-to-product launched, 3.4 million salable hemp products from 200 acres and production, another partnership with Victory Hemp Foods to open the first dedicated hemp oil facility in Middlebury Vermont, and more.

Again...exciting! A great place to give your support.

  • Location: Specific location within Vermont of the farming operation is unknown, or at least not easy to find online. This likely won't be the case soon, as most hemp companies are in a state of rapid evolution.

  • Quality: While product pages are light on informational writing (common), expect this to change in time as well. With their honest ambition to be, “...the most admired hemp company,” we have no doubt their extracts are of the highest Green Mountain quality.

  • Specs: Right now they have a streamlined product line offering small tinctures of infused extra virgin olive oil, a balm, the maple syrup, soap, and hemp crumble or concentrate.

  • Cleanliness: Because of how strictly regulated the small state of Vermont’s hemp program is and how involved they are on the community level, the quality and cleanliness of their tinctures and crumble are trustworthy. Hopefully as their partnerships with other companies continues blooming, they’ll fill out their product line even more.

  • Community: You won’t find much in the way of reviews or feedback on their extracts yet, but if you check out Kimball Brook Dairy and Victory Hemp Foods you’ll get an idea of the community the company’s helping build.

Just imagine, most farms and small businesses like these are doorways into the close-knit farming communities springing up around them. To cap this list off let’s head west to Colorado and visit a larger operation.

Colorado - Blue Forest Farms

Here we go, Blue Forest Farms is iconic Colorado hemp and a poster child for why the state has risen to become such a leading model in many respects. Because of their fully-integrated and progressed supply chain, and current 150-acre size, we don’t know if BFF qualifies as ‘family farm’ hemp anymore, but it’s quality is superior nonetheless.

From being at the forefront of American hemp processing and extraction, to selling organic seed approved by the CO Dept. of Ag for other farmers, contract growing, cultivation and harvesting method development, and being involved in research and genetics...yeah.

“We are a collective of farmers, botanists, and philanthropists with a commitment to positive change. Our full spectrum, high CBD strains (including flower and seed) and extract set a gold standard in a market predominantly led by low CBD hemp producers...Blue Forest Farms terpene rich, high CBD genetics provide an unparalleled advantage in a thriving industry...”

A big player from the kick off of the domestic industry, in 2017 they dedicated 25 acres to the Colorado Hemp Project along with equipment and a full team to ensure everything went smoothly - true transparency.

Some of their products weren’t available on their website (which is pretty complex), and they aren’t super-informative on their product pages, but those aren’t necessarily red flags. Their hemp operation is diverse and selling products directly to consumers like us isn’t their core income stream outside the contract grows, selling seed genetics to farmers, etc.

  • Location: Longmont, Colorado, directly north of Denver; northeast of Boulder.

  • Quality: Based on their R & D program, seed genetics operation, their reputation in terms of farming, harvesting and extracting from ‘boutique-grade, hand-shucked flower’, it’s safe to assume their extracts and isolates are amazing. They boast their hemp flower varietals average 15-18% CBD, bred for terpene isolation, as well as consistent, stable, and superior CBD production.

  • Specs: An entire range - edible gummies, tinctures, seeds for farming, $50 servings of 99% pure CBD shatter, isolate crystals, 100mg bath bombs, flower (none available last time I checked), and more. Their tinctures are competitively priced. Seems like those and the bombs are the most polished and available consumer products.

  • Cleanliness: This team is helping set national standards throughout the grow-to-table, or seed-to-sale hemp market. Not only would we trust the quality of their extracts, but supreme cleanliness in accordance with their own very public history and relationship with Colorado.

  • Community: Because they aren’t specifically consumer-focused, being involved on the genetics, farming, extraction, processing and research sides as well, they don’t have the huge online following or tons of reviews and testimonials.

That being said, they’ve been helping hempsters with product development for a while too, and their extracts are likely in a number of the CBD products out there, just under different brand names.

Wrapping Up

Alright! What a journey, one that introduced you to a handful of American hemp businesses and farms sprouting from coast to coast. These are the types of companies Darby Hemp supports, how about you?

What's Darby Hemp About?

Human societies are only as strong as their resources. Our platform is inspired by the desire to support a resurgent American hemp industry - its people, its economic impacts, its environmental promises.

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