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What seems to make most sense is to share of ourselves openly, aloud,


And you can best digest and peruse our philosophy, through those of whom we’re most proud:


Hemp Farmers: We admire brave hardworking farmers spearheading a rebirth of industrial hemp on American shores after the fortuitous end of dark age-like cannabis prohibition. In the midst of freakish weather; harsh economic systems.


Hemp Job Creators: Along with farmers we applaud courageous small business owners, ambitious entrepreneurs, industrious interests and innovators creating good paying jobs and rewarding careers in connection to hemp.


Hemp Supply Chain Workers: We honor agricultural workers, those who’ll launch new textile, bioplastics, and biofuel sectors, factory workers, those involved in bringing hemp foods to market, and so many more. American hemp means American jobs! 


Hemp Consumers: We believe in consumers to leverage hemp fiber, hemp seed-based foodstuffs and hemp flower, choosing the healthier more ecologically-friendly options the crop provides across our societal spectrum. 


Hemp Activists: We deeply appreciate passionate, committed, and driven environmental and political activists pushing the hemp-relevant green agenda. First and foremost, you helped bring about the end of prohibition! We look forward to supporting your next miracle.

It's an awesome privilege to have your support.

What's Darby Hemp About?

Human societies are only as strong as their resources. Our platform is inspired by the desire to support a resurgent American hemp industry - its people, its economic impacts, its environmental promises.

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